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Common Objects to Use for Self Defense

If you want to learn the basics of womens self defense, it is a good idea to also learn how to use some of the items you may have on you as weapons. The idea is to figure out what these items are, keep them fairly accessible, and practice with them so you can be the most effective.

Here are some common objects that are used for womens self defense. You may want to plan to have some of these on you. Practice using them and accessing them so you can be the most effective. The goal is to be able to reach for them quickly.

1. Use Your Keys

Keys are an excellent tool to use for womens self defense. Instead of putting your keys in your purse, hold them in between your fingers. For example, if you have three keys on your key chain, make a fist and put the keys in between the fingers so the points stick out. You can use the keys to make any punches you throw more effective or use them to slash at your assailant. This is a good womens self defense move.

2. A Pen

Most of us keep pens in our purse just in case we need something to write with. But, they can also be used for womens self defense. The pen should be rigid and have a fairly sharp point. It can be used to stab or poke the attacker in key places such as the side of the neck or the face.

3. Use your Belt

Using a belt for womens self defense can be effective because you can use it as a whip. Make sure that if you do use it as a whip you can take it off your body quickly and that the side with the buckle is used to hit your opponent.

4. Coins

A little used weapon for womens self defense is coins. Most of us have coins in our purses or briefcases. Throw them at your assailant and they can really hurt if they strike the right place. Practice throwing against a target so you can enhance your aim.

5. Your Handbag

It is also possible to use your handbag itself for womens self defense. To prepare in advance, purchase a handbag that is rigid. You may want to add some heavier things in it as well to make it more of a weapon. If the handbag is big enough, you can not only use it as a weapon to hit your assailant with, but also as a shield in case they are trying to stab you.

The idea behind womens self defense is to make sure you know how to protect yourself. If reaching for one of your makeshift weapons takes too long, it could hinder you. The goal is to be able to find it quickly and then use it as quickly as possible.

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