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How to Fight for Women

Change it's happening all around you all the time. The seasons change technology changes car design change cloths come in and out of fashion

But people still work the same way they did thousand of years ago.

The human male has the same weakness he has then and your counter part inflicted damage in the same. A rock to the head, knee to the groin and gouge to the eyes worked to stop a male in any era you can mention.

Many people make self defense pout to be some mystical esoteric subject it is NOT.

The technique of war have advanced greatly we are so good now we can almost destroy all human life with a push of a button

However when it comes to YOU defending yourself in a back alley or on the way back from, a nightclub nothing has changed.

Below I list the key skill you need to acquire. Let me be clear here any women can master these skills. In the same way anyone can learn to use email. Some of you learn to use email when you where 5 some of you learned to use email when you where 55. The same is true of these skills

1) How to punch and kick man have been telling you run like a girl or punch like a girl well so do they. In general most men punch liken pansy's. Only a trained person punches or kicks effectively. And you can learn as quick or quicker then them.

2) Where is his weakness how to cause maximum damage to them and how to reach these areas with out being blocked?

3) How to recognise a attacker and redirect, doge or deflect his attack

4) How to fight from the ground in case you are taken down

5) Balance breaking these and keeping yours. As my students are sick of hearing "no balance no power"

6) Weapons from thin air. How to use every day implements as weapons

7) The moral dilemma that will get you beaten up

8) How many times have I spoken to a martial artist or tough guy that got beaten up because he did not know when he should turn on the juice and while he's thinking about it he gets slammed. Do not let this happen to you. We will teach you when you should or should use these skills

All these things you can learn we will show you here at our site Home