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Why Do You Need to Defend Yourself?

Are you in a comfort zone when it comes to women self defense? Itís easy to do because most of us just fall into a routine without thinking about our safety. Most of us can think of several reasons that would give us cause to defend ourselves. It is important to be prepared before itís too late.

If you think about it, we are faced with unsafe situations almost daily. This means that learning women self defense is especially crucial. There are a lot of things that can happen such as domestic violence and abuse, assault, robbery, and rape.

The Alarming Statistics

So, women self defense is important because there are some definite things that you need to worry about. What follows is a rough list that offers statistics that will help you understand why you should learn women self defense.

1. The woman knows the rapist in 3 out of 4 cases.

2. Of all the cases of rape, 25% of them happen in public.

3. 78 people get raped every hour in the United States

4. 25% of girls are sexually assaulted by the time they are 18

5. 3 in 4 domestic homicides occur after the victim left the assailant

6. Of all the incidents of violence, 95% of the cases involved violence against women

It is important to understand that a violent act can happen at any time. This means that to defend yourself, women self defense is important to learn. If you do so, you will be able to prevent yourself from becoming a victim.

The Most Common Acts of Violence

Violence can come in many forms and the goal is to figure out which ones are the most common so you can learn the women self defense tactics that will be the most effective.

Choking can occur where the attacker is behind you or in front of you. Women self defense classes teach you techniques to deal with both.

Shaking is also a possibility and it can also lead to choking. Shaking can cause a broken neck so it is important to disable your attacker quickly.

A bear hug is also a possibility and they can occur from the behind or the front. Some attackers pin your arms down while in the bear hug, some do not.

Rape is one of the more common acts of violence. This is where the potential rapist tries to force himself on you. You can learn some women self defense to prevent this happening.

Robberies are also common and the robber may also have a knife or a gun. Self defense tactics teach you how to deal with this threat before things get dangerous.

Getting hit - The attacker may also try to hit you. The goal or women self defense is to figure out how you can avoid this scenario and how to fight back.

It is clear that the threats you may encounter are numerous. If youíre smart, youíll learn women self defense techniques for every situation you can think of. That way, when you are in a situation, your instincts will take over. These women self defense moves can really do a good job when it comes to protecting yourself.

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